Performing with his newly created Refractor Piano ™, Peter creates a radically distinctive music without editing, prerecorded tracks, triggered samples, external sounds or MIDI instruments.  In these live performances of original compositions, everything you hear is just an acoustic piano played through The Refractor Piano™.

Videos from the Refractor Piano Debut Concert held at Bergamot Station,       Santa Monica, April 28th, 2016.

Award-Winning Pianist / Composer - Peter Manning Robinson
Director / Producer - Klaus Hoch
Designer - Hana Sooyeon Kim

Inside The Wind


The MiSnamed Misanthrope

Pas juste, très juste

Black Stone Paths

Fireflies In Orbit

Dancing In The Purple Sky



Live PRE-Bergamot-Station-Concert Videos

Dragon Claws

Jaguar Dreams

Karmic Ghosts

Near The Heart

Pas Juste, Très Juste

Inside The Wind



across the room